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Providing plumbing: sales, installations, maintenance, renovation, and repair services within a 40 km radius of our location, since 1995. Our licensed plumbers have a collective 65 plus years of on the job experience!

Operating hours are Monday thru Friday 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM,
For qualified, reliable service.....Give Dox's Plumbing a call!

Email us at: doxplmg@gmail.com


From new home construction, to a major or minor addition, or a renovation of existing bath, kitchen, laundry, or mechanical rooms, contact us for your plumbing needs. Drainage systems, venting systems, water supply line installation, and fixtures installation for your home renovation or build can all be provided by our highly skilled and experienced licensed plumbers. Our work is installed to meet all building code requirements, and we thoroughly test all our installations. Give us a call for a free estimate before you begin! We’ll be happy to help.
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Residential or Commercial Plumbing Service & Water Treatments

Toilet running? Taps dripping? Pipes spraying water? Drains plugged? If some part of your plumbing system isn’t working as it should, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers are experienced, skilled, and professional at solving problems where potable, effluent, and/or waste-water isn’t flowing as it should! From those little nuisance fixes, to larger undertakings, we’re the team to call on to get reliable and competent service. We are able to supply and/or install sump pumps, back up sump pumps, whole home leak detection shut off systems, new fixtures, faucets, and/or wastes. We also test, recommend, supply, install, service and/or maintain water treatment filters and systems. Call us to discuss your water problems of all kinds!
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